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Christian Whelan
After a rough start at the age of 5 as the grandfather in PETER AND THE WOLF in kindergarten, Chris landed his first movie job as one of the little league baseball players in the original BAD NEWS BEARS with Walter Matthau. Encouraged by his musical Mom and Dad and four siblings, Chris joined THE YOUNG AMERICANS at the age of 14 and jumped head long in to the adult cast of TO RICHARD ROGERS WITH LOVE. After singing with TYA and the Choir at Loyola Jesuit Prep in Los Angeles, Chris started appearing in High School Productions such as TWO GENTELMAN OF VERONA and GREASE. 

As a senior at Loyola, he was cast in the starring role of Jesus in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR where he was seen by GENERAL HOSPITAL casting director Marvin Paige. Chris joined  the (SAG) Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA as he entered the BFA program of the Acting Conservatory under John Houseman at the University Of Southern California.  He also appeared in several UK Premiers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

He joined Actor's Equity Association in 1987 and after making appearances on GENERAL HOSPITAL, BAYWATCH, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, a few film, commercials, and a variety of side jobs, Chris finally settled down and has been based out of NYC for the last 16 years. He has toured the US and Canada extensively with Broadway National Tours and appears in Regional Theatres across the country. 

Chris is a native of Pacific Palisades, California.

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"...Within this awesome cast are other very impressive performances. Christian Whelan looks like a giant of pure muscle as CC, the sleazy owner of Chameleon. A towering man, he oozes villain to the core. Costumed in those oh-so-familiar shiny 80s suits, topped off with gold chains and diamond rings, he is the pimp Eminem of the strip club scene! Whelan is aware he could be boxed in as the stereotypical pimp/villain but very wisely avoids this trap. He creates the role with a good dose of dark intensity and Machiavellian overtones that give the character great presence on stage. Hell, he made even me nervous. He is like a caged beast that could and would strike at any moment." read more...

2/26/2013 BWW Blog: Christian Whelan of FLASHDANCE - A View From My Office

Flashdance The Musical ITo hello from sunny Tampa, FL, home to the Devil Rays, the Falcons, Busch Gardens and the 2700 + seat Straz Center for the Performing Arts. During our sound-check yesterday, I was struck again by how big the Straz looks from the stage. It's far from the biggest house we'll play on this tour-Atlanta's Fox has almost twice as many seats-but it does have a mezzanine, lower, and upper balconies, which puts the cheap seats three stories above the stage. Think about watching a show from the top of a three-story building 100 feet away from the stage. Forget opera glasses; you'd need a high-powered telescope... read more...

2/20/2013 BWW Blog: Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE - To Drive or Not to Drive?

Flashdance The Musical I bought a toyota Prius in 2005. It was a sleek looking black hybrid with some nice perks on the inside. The onboard computer is pretty cool. When I offer a ride to people, at least the ones that have never been in a Prius, they're fascinated by the LED display that shows the transfer of power from the electric motor to the gas engine. It also shows how many Kilowatts are generated as the car drives. The most remarkable aspect of the Prius, however, is the AMAZING gas mileage. I still kick myself for not getting the onboard GPS function. Especially since I've made the educated decision to drive, yet another tour... read more...

2/12/2013 BWW Blog: Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE - Reunions

Flashdance The Musical From FaceBook to FLASHDANCE, reunions of the tour kind can often be more of a surprise than seeing that 'friend request' pop up from someone you haven't seen or heard from in 35 years. A professional acting career can often take twists and turns that eventually rocket actor's away from their home town and the people that helped to shape who we are and what we become while pursuing our dreams. I've certainly reconnected with my fair share of old colleagues & friends through social media. But, it's nothing like seeing an old friend when they just appear at the stage door following a performance in a random tour city... read more...

2/7/2013 BWW Blog: Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE - Equity Pancakes

Flashdance The MusicalQuestion: What the hell are "EQUITY Pancakes"? Answer: "EP's" are any buttermilk, wholegrain or fruit & spice enhanced pancake products eaten by any proud member of AEA. Preferably consumed at night, after a show, and garnished with a salty sweet pork product on the side. (Bacon Forever!) read more...

2/4/2013 BWW Blog: Meet Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE

Flashdance The Musical The polls are in and Flashdance The Musical is taking America by storm, literally and figuratively! Hi everybody. My name is Christian Whelan and I'm playing the role of the antagonist strip club owner, CC in this new Broadway Bound Smash Hit. The cast of FLASHDANCE has played 38 performances in 6 cities and the Standing "O's" have been electric, giving new meaning to "Oh..What a feeling!" read more...

2/4/2013 BWW Blog: Meet Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE

Flashdance The Musical Usually, Grand Rapids gets the national tour after the show has wowed on Broadway for a respectable period of time. “Flashdance,” a hot tamale of a show that opened on Tuesday, the coldest day of the year thus far, actually gives us a sneak peek of things to come on the Great White Way. The show is a super-sexy blockbuster, a sinewy, steamy heat wave of a production ... read more...

1/9/2013 BWW TV: What a Feeling! Sneak Peek of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE- THE MUSICAL

Performances for the upcoming national tour of FLASHDANCE - THE MUSICAL, the stage adaptation of the 1983 hit film that defined a generation, begin January 1st and run through January 6 at Pittsburgh's Heinz Hall. At a recent press event, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl officially announced January 1st as FLASHDANCE day. Following the Pittsburgh engagement, FLASHDANCE will embark on a national tour to more than 25 cities in the next seven months with additional bookings to be announced soon. read more...

12/16/2012 Christian is getting ready to set out on the U.S. Tour of Flashdance the Musical

Flashdance the Musical Tour Flashdance – The Musical, the stage adaptation of the 1983 pop-filled hit film, is aiming for a Broadway launch in fall 2012, but its producers have already announced a second company for a national tour that will kick off in early 2013. read more...

7/20/2012 Interview: Kory Chats With Christian Whelan From Mamma Mia!

Kory and Christian Whelan As I sat down with veteran Television/Stage actor Christian Whelan I mentioned how much I, and the city of Cleveland seem to love Mamma Mia! “Screaming and hollerin’, we get them to their feet,” he laughed. read more...

3/15/2012 Sacramento Press

Mamma Mia Sacramento Press "Mamma Mia" Looking Back at the Seventies Through the Music of ABBA ...The three invited possible fathers, Sam, Bill, and Harry are played by Christian Whelan, John-Michael Zuerlein, and Jeff Applegate, respectively, opening night. All sang more...

3/15/2012 The Sacramento Bee

Mamma Mia! Still Packs A Musical Punch...Christian Whelan is appropriately sturdy as Sam Carmichael, one of the father candidates in more...

2/2/2012 Daily

Mamma Mia! North American Tour - Christian Whelan as Sam Carmichael Mamma Mia! returns to Lied Center for Weekend Shows There they go again... -- Christian Whelan will be in the role of one of Sophie's potential fathers, the architect Sam Carmichael. He had auditioned for the role previously and decided to try again when he heard there was an opening in the North American tour. When he received the news he was cast, he left his role as King Triton in a Utah production of "The Little Mermaid" and headed for the open more...

Montreal - 1/1/2012

Montreal Mamma Mia! Tour's Leading Man Christian Whelan Chronicles Ditching the Fins of Mermaid for ABBA Hits Montreal: -- As an actor, the search for the next project is always an ongoing education and often a logistical challenge. Especially leaving a job you love for a job you'd love to do; which, in my case, was when I transitioned from Disney to ABBA. I had been playing King Triton in the first regional production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid in Utah more...

Chris is appearing as Sam Carmichael in the North American Tour of the hit musical Mamma Mia! Click here for tour dates!

Chris in the news:
Mamma Mia! Heads to Charleston

Christian Whelan as Sam Carmichael CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Riding around on a bus from city to city, performing for only a night or two at one theater before moving on to the next, a touring actor never knows what to expect when he opens his dressing room. Shows like "Mamma Mia!," which comes to the Clay Center Friday, often follow rowdier entertainment: rock concerts, for example, and trashing dressing rooms is almost a rite of passage for rock stars. Actor Christian Whelan has seen that kind of thing, but in Ottawa, he found something new: water. read more...

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